ToK Presentations

My ToK Presentations 

My ToK presentation was on Education and the Human Sciences – Thanks Mr. Scheelbeek for sending me the video!

This following is the last oral presentation I did before the real oral presentation [seen above]. Our time limit was 5 minutes – it was just to refine our interpretations of the mark scheme. Again, I wasn’t explicit enough but I did provide a general basis of what is needed in a presentation on the human sciences – this is just to give a general gist of it (it really depends on what you say and how you make the links, however, I don’t have a recording of my presentation so this will have to do).

Role of Maths in the Human Sciences

The following is the first presentation we did just four months into our course. We hadn’t learnt very much yet, I got 19/20 for this presentation. It gives a very general view of Ethics in relation to a topic I was passionate about – also, credits to Michael Sandel for most of the ideas behind it! If you want to do well doing a presentation on Ethics, be sure you don’t lapse into giving a list of points and counterpoints from different schools of thought – make it more than that. Our ToK teacher always emphasised providing criticisms and personal interpretations of these theories, and how they affect us in the bigger picture.

Ethics of Affirmative Action



  1. You are awesome, girl! Way to go!

  2. hithere · · Reply

    Hello, this is fantastic! Do you mind uploading your script as the sound is not really clear!

    1. Hi there! There should be subtitles, just open the YouTube link and turn on the captions 🙂

  3. Sanah D'Costa · · Reply

    Hi what did you use to make your presentation this way? I mean which software is it? Cos I like the way it zooms in out and stuff

    1. 🙂

  4. HelloThere · · Reply

    Hey Ruru Hoong, I wanted help in my presentation. I have a real life situation but I don’t have a Knowledge Question. This is my real life situtation –
    Would be glad t hear from you soon.

  5. Hi Ruru, are the videos for your two informal TOK presentations still available? They don’t seem to be working on this website. I’ve tried using my chrome browser, safari, and firefox.

    1. Sorry, just updated the page with the links! It seems that WordPress no longer shows Prezis (the presentation type) in the browser.

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