ToK is very much a course that relies on self-interest; because it is so broad and applicable to everything we come across, it can be used as a platform to pursue your own interests. However, when it comes down to the essay and the presentation, it really boils down to the mark scheme – and your interpretation of the mark scheme. I was fortunate enough to have an absolutely amazing ToK teacher who pointed out the nuances of the mark scheme whilst keeping the subject interesting and engaging (ToK is arguably my favourite subject now, I know, scandalous!) I hope you’re just as fortunate because ToK IS a subject that needs some guidance, at least initially!

I have attached some ToK essays and presentations I’ve done over the two years.

My ToK Essays

My ToK Presentations

I also found Tim Wood’s website wildly useful (OFS – Singapore pride!), although you have to be careful with sticking to his prescribed formats: don’t make it too formulaic! It provides a structure that most students need though.

BE SURE TO READ EXAMINER’S FEEDBACK FOR PAST YEARS. Very important – learn from the mistakes of your peers! Every year examiners release SUBJECT REPORTS, that are meant for YOUR benefit. Make use of them please!!!


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