EE (English)

When it comes to choosing your Extended Essay topic/subject, I suggest you start with brainstorming about the specific topics you’re interested in before deciding which subject you would like to do your EE in. For example, here was my list of potential EE questions during my preliminary brainstorming (these are not well phrased questions, they were just ideas):

  • Religion in Aldous Huxley’s Island?? (Island was my favourite novel at that time, but I realised I wouldn’t be able to write about this novel without addressing the psychedelic themes and researching about Huxley’s experiments with LSD didn’t quite appeal to me)
  • The role of existentialism in feminism (our school does not offer philosophy as a subject)
  • Type of market structure of Sri Lanka’s tea industry – monopoly? or possibly monopsony… (inspired by my June holiday trip with the family to the Ceylon tea trails, but I discarded the idea due to the need for primary data for an Economics EE and the difficulty of accessing such primary data from Singapore)
  • Comparison of A Doll’s House and The Awakening (I had coincidentally come across The Awakening in my regular traipses through the Kinokuniya bookstore just when I was reading A Doll’s House, and found the similarities uncanny and the differences striking, so I thought it would make a novel (hah!) and interesting comparison)

I ended up doing an English Extended Essay comparing A Doll’s House and The Awakening – which falls into Category 2 (comparison of one English work and one translated work of literature). Category 1 would be based on works that are all written in English.

My EE question:

How possible was it for a woman to truly break free from 19th Century patriarchal society, with particular emphasis on A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen and The Awakening by Kate Chopin?


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