If you are unable to load the prezi, please click here to access the link.


Along with the link provided, document notes for individual topics are also be available.

1.3 Cell membrane

1.4 Membrane Transport

1.6 Cell Division



  1. Hi,
    I’ve started to make revision notes for biology and it really does take up a lot of time… is it why you have chosen to use prezi instead? I’m considering changing my revision tactic to hand-written flashcards or presentations but i feel that computer-based notes don’t work for me

    P.S. I cannot open your prezis 😦

    1. Hi! I’ve chosen to use prezi because it’s easier for all of you to read my notes! (My handwriting’s pretty atrocious sometimes lol) I think hand-written notes are still best for me when it comes to retaining information…

      I know, trying to work the prezis out :/ try clicking on the link to the actual prezi site on the left hand corner of the prezi snapshot? 🙂

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